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Elite Client Idea #21

Updated: Oct 15

G & M Holdings Limited (HKEX Ticker: 6038; Price: HK$ 0.14)

G & M Holdings (‘group’) is a relatively small Hong Kong based operator with a reasonably strong position in the niche industry of designing and building podium facades (92% of revenues), curtain wall works (3%), and their repair and maintenance (5%). All revenues are generated in Hong Kong.

It has significant concentration of sales with two customers generating 86% of revenues. Furthermore, supply was disrupted during the pandemic lockdown in mainland China resulting in increases of transport and labour costs.

It uses contract accounting for revenue recognition – and reported TTM revenues of HK$ 424m (FY21: $403m), ebitda of $48m (FY21: $48m), and net profits of $38m (FY21: $37m).

Average earnings over the recent past - including up and down years - also approximate TTM earnings of $38m. Moreover, operating cash flows in the recent six-month period was strong at $82m.

The financial position is strong with net cash (including marketable securities) of $155m. Net current asset value stood at $252m and net tangible assets were $267m.

Net current assets were largely comprised of contract assets and receivables. Contract assets grew in line with revenue recognition, and though receivables aged slightly compared to the prior year, only ~$4m were over 90 days old.

The equity is currently trading for $140m, which is 56% of net current asset value and 3.7x earnings.

The interim dividend was cut to zero; but prior year dividends ranged $14-24m yielding 10%+ at market. This was diluted to an extent with the issue of employee stock options in FY21 for 3% of outstanding shares at an exercise price of $0.161/share.

The group has orders in hand of $725m and is bidding for a further $121m of contracts – this is stable compared to prior years. Prospects are reasonably favorable as Hong Kong resumes normal commercial and residential construction activity.

Overall, this stock appears to be selling below liquidation value with remunerative accrual of earning power and satisfactory prospects.

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