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Newsletter - February 4th, 2023

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Dear Reader,

Attached is our latest list of apparently cheap stocks generated from basic value screens (low p/e, ev/ebitda, debt/equity, etc.), which don’t meet our investment standards - and our reasoning.

This may help you avoid a few ‘value traps’ or stocks that aren’t sufficiently attractive compared to the opportunities available today.

For reports of stock ideas that pass our quantitative and qualitative standards, join at the link below:


More notes on Berkshire AGM videos, junk bond spreads, and spotting bubbles:


Smart Competition/Herd Behavior

It's tempting to reason that the concentration of talent in stocks would dry up opportunities for smaller investors but the 2008 financial crisis (which happened about two years after this talk), 2020 pandemic outbreak, and numerous market convulsions outside the US - not to mention industry-specific downturns that happen more frequently - indicates that people, no matter how smart they are, succumb to fear and uncertainty in a herd-like manner rendering them paralyzed and unable to act.

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