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Stalprodukt S.A.

Stalprodukt (‘company’) is based in Poland and is one of the leading European manufacturers of processed steel products. It sells electrical sheets (23% of revenues), steel profiles (19%), and extracts zinc-lead ores for the production of zinc and lead (50%) along with related activities.

About half its revenues are generated in Poland and half is exported (mostly within the EU).

It is at a competitive disadvantage to non-EU manufacturers who don’t have to pay as much for CO2 emissions and have lower energy costs. Energy is a substantial component of the cost structure – and currently rising costs will negatively impact operations. Management’s report on the latest quarter almost reads like a plea to the EU to impose anti-dumping duties on foreign manufacturers whilst extolling the importance of the industry.

An offsetting factor is currently high (and volatile) prices of its finished goods. The most recent quarter saw large price spikes in all segments though volumes were stable or lower. This resulted in large profits.

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