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Here’s our latest edition of our weekly newsletter highlighting apparently cheap stocks generated from basic value screens (low p/e, ev/ebitda, debt, etc.), which don’t meet our investment standards - and our reasoning.
Perhaps this could help you avoid a few ‘value traps’ or stocks that aren’t sufficiently attractive compared to the opportunities available today.
These lists are a result of our secondary screening procedure, and is – by nature – a cookie-cutter approach. We do not claim our exclusions are foolproof by any means (some of these stocks could do very well). But we are confident our remaining stocks form a materially higher quality group – and in investing, you only need to make sure you are right on what you invest in.
We are happy to hear from you on specific stocks you disagree with, and your reasoning - send us an e-mail.
For analysis of ideas that pass our quantitative and qualitative standards, consider joining here:

So, here’s our latest list of 31 stocks that look cheap - but don’t meet our investment standards:


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